Compound Nouns

Compound Nouns :

Words of different category (nouns, verb, adjective or adverbs) can be united to form nouns of this type. They usually have two parts. The first part of this type of noun tells you what kind of object or person it is or what the purpose of the noun is. The second part of this type of noun speaks about the object or person in question. These types of nouns often have a more specific meaning.

adjective + adjective

1. blue + green = blue-green

Noun + noun

1. Bed = room = bedroom
2. Water + tank = water-tank
3. motor + cycle = motorcycle
4. printer + cartridge = printer-cartridge
5. Traffic + jam = traffic-jam
6. Key + board = keyboard
7. Tooth + paste = Toothpaste
8. Foot + ball = Football
9. Fish + tank = fish tank
10. Birth + day = birthday

noun + verb

1. rain + fall = rainfall
2. hair + cut = hair-cut
3. train + spotting = train-spotting
4. brow + beat = browbeat

noun + adverb

1. looking + out = looking-out

noun + adjective

snow + white = snow white

verb + adverb = look-out

verb + noun = driving-license

verb + adverb = drawback

Plural and Possessive of this type of noun

To make a Plural form of this compound word, you usually have to add a S at the end of the word.

usually the “s” goes at the end of the main word
daughter-in-law = daughters-in-law
mayor-elect = mayors-elect

In few nouns of this type, we have to add the S at the end of the nouns.

go-betweens = go-betweens
higher-ups = higher-ups

When the noun is in the open form, the S is added to the main word in the noun.

bill of fare = bills of fare
assistant secretary of state = assistant secretaries of state
notary public = notaries public

To make a possessive form of this compound word, you usually have to add an apostrophe “s” at the end of the word.

mother-in-law = mother-in-law’s
hair-cut = hair-cut’s

To make a possessive form of the plural form compound word, you usually have to add an apostrophe “s” at the end of the noun. You will get a little strange with two “s” sounds close together.

mothers-in-law = mothers-in-law’s
fathers-in-law = fathers-in-law’s

The compound noun can be written either as a single word or as a word with a hyphen or as two words. There are no clear written rules for this formation of this type of nouns. A good rule of thumb is to write the most common one as one word and the others as two words.


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Compound Nouns :

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