Compound Prepositions

Compound Prepositions :

Compound Prepositions are generally formed by prefixing (putting before) a preposition (usually a, no, be & by) to a noun, an adjective or an adverb. These prepositions are formed by adding prefixes or suffixes to other words. Few Examples of these Prepositions are given below.

1. About
2. Among
3. Before
4. Behind
5. Below
6. Beneath
7. Beyond
8. Inside
9. Outside
10. Within
11. Without

ABOUT : on the subject of

Example Sentences :

1. What we are talking is all about your future.
2. This book is about India only.
3. Do not write about our troubles.

AMONG : in the middle of

Example Sentences :

1. The child is playing among the teachers.
2. We are standing among our friends.
3. I am one among the students sent out of the class-room.

BEFORE : earlier than

Example Sentences :

1. You have to be here before 2 pm today.
2. What stand before me is nothing but a car.
3. I have to submit this report before he does.

BEHIND : at the back of

Example Sentences :

1. He is standing just behind you only.
2. The Math exam comes just behind English exam.
3. My name comes just behind your name.

BELOW : in a lower place than

Example Sentences :

1. We are looking for a house for a rent just below Rs. 10,000 per month.
2. When he speaks low of your below your show, he stands low.
3. The performance of the students has gone below the average.

BENEATH : directly under

Example Sentences :

1. The cat is sitting beneath the chair.
2. What is there beneath this cot?
3. The book is just beneath the pencil-box.

BEYOND : to the further side of

Example Sentences :

1. This house is beyond our affordable reach.
2. I never go beyond my limit.
3. Your sister has gone beyond the limit.

INSIDE : within

Example Sentences :

1. Please, look for him inside the house.
2. What is inside my mind comes out as a poem.
3. He has kept the money inside the wallet.

OUTSIDE : beyond the boundary of

Example Sentences :

1. Your friends are standing outside.
2. If it is outside my power, I could do very little.
3. What comes outside our knowledge is not beyond our reach.

WITHIN : inside

Example Sentences :

1. We have to buy a house within the city-limit.
2. Whatever the thing within my power, I will certainly do.
3. Please, play within this house.

WITHOUT : not having

Example Sentences :

1. Do not come to the picnic without track-shoot.
2. He has gone to the cinema without the tickets.
3. He has committed a mistake without awareness.

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Compound Prepositions

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