Compound Relative Pronouns

Compound Relative Pronouns :

Whoever, whoso, whosoever, whichever, whichsoever, whatever, whatsoever - These are called Compound Relative Pronouns.

1. Whoever attends is welcome.
2. Take whichever you want.
3. Goats eat whatever they can find.
4. Whatever I suggest, he always disagrees.
5. The building must be finished, whatever (may be) the cost.

Study the following sentences.

(1) This is the house that I built.
(2) Here is the book that you lent.
(3) Men, who seek wisdom, become shrewd.
(4) We always like the boys who speak the truth.
(5) Do the same that I do.
(6) God helps those who help themselves.
(7) Wealth is not his, who has it, but his, who enjoys it.
(8) They always talk who never think.
(9) Time that is lost, is never found again.
(10) Truth provokes those whom it doesn't convert.

He does his best. He should be rewarded.
He who does his best should be rewarded.

The dog bit the thief. He had broken into the house.
The dog bit the thief who had broken into the house.

I found my car. I had lost it.
I found my car which I had lost.

The ladies have come. I was speaking of them.
The ladies, whom I was speaking of, have come.

I heard a song. It pleased me.
I heard a song that pleased me.

The boy was good and intelligent. He had won the first prize.
The boy who won the first prize was good and intelligent.

Napoleon died at St. Helena. The French honour him.
Napoleon, whom the French honour, died at St. Helena.

Dadabhai Naoroji was a Parsee. He was the first Indian to enter the British Parliament.
Dadabhai Naoroji, who was the first Indian to enter the British Parliament, was a Parsee.

Adolf Hitler shook the British Empire. He was a great conqueror.
Adolf Hitler who was a great conqueror shook the British Empire.

I am trying to find myself. That will be a great discover.
I am trying to find myself which will be a great discovery.

Thus we combine sentences using relative pronouns.

Compound Relative Pronouns

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