Confused Words

Confused Words :

A slight change in the spelling of a word can mean a big change in the meaning of the sentence! Certain words are quite commonly confused. Some of these words are given below.

1. accept / except

You will have to accept the conditions if you want to participate in the competition.
All except Shilpi attended the party.

2. access / excess

The secretary of the boss has access to all the private files of the firm.
Remove all the excess butter and place it aside.

3. ascent / assent

The ascent of the hot-air balloon was a landmark achievement.
We need the assent of the chairman to organise this function.

4. descent / dissent

The descent of the pilot was smooth and safe because he used a parachute.
The leader of the opposition has the right to voice his dissent.

5. disease / decease

Rapid steps are being taken to combat the spread of the disease.
We must pay our respect to the deceased.

6. die / dye

All of us have to die one day, so let us live a good life when we can.
The colour has faded; we need to dye the cloth again.

7. lightning / lightening

It was a stormy night, with thunder and lightning.
Nowadays there are many creams that promise to lighten the skin.

8. hoard / horde

Whenever there is a scarcity of grains, this shopkeeper hoards the grains and sells them at a very high price.
The police were attacked by a horde of protestors.

9. story / storey

As a child, I would love to listen to the stories that my grandmother would tell me.
This building has seven storeys.

10. weather / whether

The weather in England is always uncertain.
I don’t know whether I should play the piano or not.

Sentences with the appropriate words :

MRS. Scott would not accept that her dog had died. No one knows how the accident occurred. They lived in a building that is 14 storeys high. It was a very stormy day. We don’t know whether the dog was struck by lightning or it had got electrocuted. The story being told is that her neighbours felt that the dog was diseased. So one day, when they had access to her flat, they fed it with an excess of sleeping pills and left it under a horde of live wires. All except Anna, Mrs Scott’s daughter, have given their assent to this story. She alone refuses to believe that anyone would descend to such low levels.

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