Conjunctions and Prepositions

Conjunctions and Prepositions :

Till : (preposition) – until

1. I will keep it for you till Sunday.

Till - (conjunction)

1. We will wait here till she comes.

For : (preposition) - intended to belong to or be given to

1. I have got a present for you.
2. This knife is for cutting bread.

For : (conjunction) - (used after the main statement) and the reason is that and because

1. I do not go out in the winter, for I feel the cold a great deal.

After : (preposition) - following in time (or) later than

1. We'll leave after breakfast.
2. I will be back the day after tomorrow.

After : (conjunction) - at a later time than (when)

1. I found your purse after you had left for your office.
2. I started my married life after I got a job.

But : (preposition) - either than (or) except

1. There is no one’ in the house but her.
2. This car has been nothing but trouble.
3. What else can we do but sit and wait.

But : (preposition) - the last / next but one / two / three from the last / next

1. My house is the last but one in this street.
2. We are all here but Sita.
3. We are all here except Sita.
4. We are all here save Sita.
5. They gave sweets to everyone but me.

But : (conjunction) - against what might be excepted (or) in spite of this

1. The situation looked desperate, but they didn't give up hope.
2. I am poor but proud.
3. I would like to go, but I am too busy.

Before : (preposition) - earlier than

1. He got there before me.
2. I usually take a bath before having my breakfast.
3. The great desert stretched out before them.

Before : (conjunction) - Earlier than the time when

1. SAY good bye before you go.
2. It will be some time before we know the election results.

Before : (conjunction) - More willingly than (or) rather than

1. I will commit suicide before I tell you what you want to know.

Before : (conjunction) - if not or else (or) otherwise

1. Will you please go out before I summon the police.

Conjunctions and Prepositions

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