Conjunctions in Sentences

Conjunctions in Sentences :

Study the following. The following sentences have conjunctions which have been used properly to join the main clauses with the subordinate clauses. (Conjunctions in Sentences)

Conjunctions in Sentences

1. After the fighting was over, peace prevailed.

2. A book is always a book, although there may be nothing in it.

3. As my wife has gone out, I have to take care of our children.

4. Answer the first question, before you proceed to the second question.

5. I shall be gone before you return.

6. Security men were posted lest the fort should be attacked by surprise.

7. Since you say so, I must believe it.

8. Tell her that I am coming.

9. I finished first though I began late.

10. Will you please wait here till I come.

11. I will never pay the debts unless I am compelled.

12. I waited for my wife, until she came.

13. When I was more beautiful, I felt very proud.

14. I do not know whence the government pays my arrears.

15. I cannot understand even now, how it all happened.

16. Make hay while the sun shines.

17. I know not why my wife left me.

18. I would die before I could do the murder.

19. I returned home after my children had come.

20. She is permitted to enter as she is my friend.

21. Since you want it, I will give it.

22. We eat that we may live.

23. She came to my rescue lest I should fall.

24. I am so tired that I could scarcely attend to work.

25. Sita will come if Ram comes.

26. How am I to know your grievance unless you tell me?

27. I will not see her though she comes.

28. Though she betrays me, yet I love her.

29. A book is always a book, although there is some nonsense in it.

30. She is more beautiful than her husband.

Conjunctions in Sentences

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