Connive at

Connive at :

CONNIVE - (verb)

Connive at : (phrasal verb)

Meanings :

1. To make no attempt to stop something wrong
2. To give one's silent approval to
3. To work out a secret plan to achieve an illegal end

Example Sentences :

1. The rich man connived at his servant's escape from the police custody.

2. Many government officials connive at corruption.

3. Many police people connive at gambling and thefts.

4. Their purpose of this Prime Minster’s visit is to connive at wars of aggression and to profit by the wars.

5. The business people should not connive at terrorism.

6. Buying things at cheap rate from the poor countries is nothing but conniving at its poverty.

7. The prisoners paid the jailors to connive at their escape from the jail.

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