Continuous Forms of English Tenses

Continuous Forms of English Tenses :

In addition to the simple present, past, and future, English has a progressive and a perfect aspect relaying how an action or mood is experienced or viewed by the speaker.

The Progressive Aspect, sometimes called the continuous aspect, describes something in progress at the time of the verb’s action.

Note that English today uses YOU to refer to one or more than one person.

Sometimes you may find archaic second person singular form THOU instead of YOU. The THOU form is then followed by the old form of the verb.

The Present Progressive (Pres. Prog.) is an action still going on in the present.

The Present Progressive Active is formed by combining the present tense form of the verb BE with the present participle.

1. I am reading.
2. We are thinking.
3. You are thinking.
4. They are thinking.
5. He is riding.
6. She is driving.
7. It is snowing.

The Present Progressive Passive combines am being, are being or is being with the passive participle.

1. I am being driven.
2. We are being sent.
3. You are being sent.
4. They are being sent.
5. She is being tested.


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Continuous Forms of English Tenses

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