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Conversation AT THE RESTAURANT :

A : What do you want, sir?
B : Let me see the menu. I’ll have custard.
A : Here you are, sir. What else will you have?
B : Nothing. Please hand me the bill.

A : What‘11 you have, sir?
B : Where is the menu?
A : Here it is, sir.
B : Just a minute. I must read through the menu. Well, I’ll have a rice pudding.

A : I’d like to have puris.

B : Here you are, sir. What will you have next? Would you like some soup?

A : No, please. I'll have coffee.

A : Let's sit at the table there. What shall we have?
B : Let’s see what’s on the menu. Would you care for lamb cutlets?
A : Yes Waiter! We’ll have lamb cutlets, please. How delicious!
B : Let's have chocolate cream now. Shall we?

1. I’ll have a pudding.
2. I'd like a pudding.
3. I’d like to have a pudding.
4. I’ll have an omelet.
5. I'd like an omelet.
6. I’d like to have an omelet.
7. I’ll have bread and jam.
8. I'd like bread and jam.
9. I’d like to have bread and jam.
10. I’ll have orange juice.
11. I'd like orange juice.
12. I’d like to have orange juice.
13. I’ll have coffee.
14. I'd like coffee.
15. I’d like to have coffee.
16. I’ll have tea.
17. I'd like tea.
18. I’d like to have tea.
19. Would you like some coffee?
20. Would you care for some coffee?
21. Do you want some coffee?
22. Would you like chappatis?
23. Would you care for chappatis?
24. Do you want chappatis?
25. Would you like puris?
26. Would you care for puris?
27. Do you want puris?
28. Would you like a cup of tea?
29. Would you care for a cup of tea?
30. Do you want a cup of tea?
31. Would you like some apple juice?
32. Would you care for some apple juice?
33. Do you want some apple juice?
34. Would you like an ice-cream?
35. Would you care for an ice-cream?
36. Do you want an ice-cream?


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Conversation taking place AT THE RESTAURANT
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