Conversation ON THE PHONE

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Conversation ON THE PHONE :

A : Hello. Can I speak to Mr. Gopinath?
B : Who’s calling, please?
A : This is Sudhakar.
B : Please hold on. I’ll get him for you.

A : Hello. Mary speaking. Is Mrs. James there, please?
B : No. She has just gone out.
A : Could you tell me when she will be back?
B : In about an hour. Would you like to leave a message?
A : No. I’ll call back later.

A : Hello. How are you feeling today, Suresh?
B : Better. Is that Vijay?
A : Yes. Are you coming to the party?
B : (They have been cut off.)
A : Hello? Are you there ?

A : Could I speak to Dr. Rehman?
B : What number are you calling?
A : 27380100
B : Sorry. You’ve got the wrong number.

A : Hello.
B : Hi, Shobha.

A : No, sorry. I'm Saroja. Shobha has just gone out. She has left her mobile at home.

B : Oh. Do you know when she will be back?

A : I have no idea.

B : Well, in that case could I leave a message for her?

A : Yes, of course.

B : I am Manjula. I would like to meet her this evening. Please tell her I am waiting for her call.

A : Right. I’ll tell her.

B : Thanks.

Conversation ON THE PHONE

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