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Conversation related to GOOD WISHES :

1. Good luck.
2. Good luck in your exam.
3. All the best.
4. I hope everything goes well for you.
5. I wish you every success. (More formal)
6. Have a good time.
7. Have a good holiday.
8. Have a good trip.
9. Good wishes to a third person.
10. Please give my best wishes to Anne.
11. Remember me to Kishore.
12. Please give my regards to your father.
13. Give my love to the children.

Good wishes at special times of the year

1. Merry Christmas.
2. Happy Christmas.
3. Happy New Year.
4. Happy Diwali.
5. Have a nice Pongal.
6. Happy Birthday to you.
7. Happy Birthday.
8. Many happy returns of your Birthday.
9. Many happy returns of the day.
10. Many happy returns.

Conversation related to GOOD WISHES

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