Conversation related to OFFERS

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Conversation related to OFFERS :

Making an offer

1. Let me get a chair for you.
2. Can I help you to pack?
3. Shall I give you a lift?
4. Would you like me to post these letters?
5. Would you like a cup of coffee?
6. Have some more tea. (Familiar)
7. Do sit down. (Familiar)

Accepting an offer.

1. Yes, please. Thank you.
2. Yes, please. That’s very kind of you.

Refusal of an offer of help, food or drink

1. No. Thank you.
2. No. Thank you. It’s all right.
3. I can manage.
4. No, please don’t bother.
5. I can manage. Thank you.

Refusing an offer of food or drink

1. Not for me. Thanks.
2. No, thanks. I’ve just had lunch.
3. I’ve had plenty. Thanks.
4. I’ve had plenty. Thank you.

Conversation related to OFFERS

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