Conversation related to Requests

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Conversation related to Requests :

Making A Request

1. Will you pass the salt, please? (More polite)
2. Will you pass the salt, please?
3. Can you lend me, 500?
4. Could you lend me, 500? (More polite)
5. I was wondering whether you could lend me 500.
6. Would you mind opening the window?
7. Would you be so kind as to give me a lift? (Very polite)
8. Would you be kind enough to give me a lift?
9. Switch on the light. Will you?
10. Switch on the light. Would you? (Used between two people who know each other)

Agreeing to a request

1. All right.
2. OK.
3. Yes. Certainly.
4. Yes. Of course.
5. Sure.

Refusing a request

1. No. I m afraid not. Because...
2. I’m sorry I can’t.
3. Unfortunately I don’t have time.

Conversation related to Requests

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