Conversation related to SUGGESTIONS

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Conversation related to SUGGESTIONS :

1. Shall we go for a picnic?
2. Let’s start early. Shall we?
3. Let's listen to the tapes.
4. Where shall we go tonight?
5. How about the cinema?
6. How about going to the cinema?
7. What about a game of tennis?
8. What about playing tennis?
9. Why don’t we have a party?
10. Why not have a party?
11. Suppose we wait a while.
12. I suggest that you should study medicine.
13. I suggest we go for a swim.
14. You might have a look at this book.

Agreeing with a suggestion

1. Fine.
2. OK.
3. Good idea.
4. Yes. Let’s do that.
5. Yes. Why not?

Conversation related to SUGGESTIONS

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