Convert Compound Sentences to Simple Sentences

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Convert Compound Sentences to Simple Sentences :

Convert the following compound sentences to simple sentences.

1. The thief saw the police and ran away.

2. He worked hard and was therefore able to save money.

3. She had a high fever yet she attended the lecture.

4. He raised his gun and shot the tiger.

5. They not only robbed the bank but stabbed the cashier.

6. I was occupied with important matters and had no time to see you.

7. You must go by motorbike or you can’t catch him up.

8. He is popular, and yet he can’t be called a great writer.

9. She sat quietly in a comer of the room and listened to their conversation.

10. I am busy today, so I’ve asked him to come tomorrow.

11. The old man seized his stick and rushed to the gate.

12. He made several attempts but didn’t succeed.

13. He was not satisfied with his salary and therefore he resigned his Dost.

Convert Compound Sentences to Simple Sentences

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