Convert Direct Speech Statements Consisting of Different Sentences

Convert Direct Speech Statements Consisting of Different Sentences :

In the direct speech statement consists of different types of sentences, each one of them would contain the appropriate reporting verb and should follow the respective rules.

For example :

‘It is going to rain very heavily,’ said mother, ‘carry your umbrellas with you.’

Mother said that it was going to rain very heavily and advised us to carry our umbrellas with us.

‘Hurray! The holidays have begun,’ said the children. “Will you take us to the beach?’

The children exclaimed joyfully that the holidays had begun and asked if I would take them to the beach.

The same rules apply to converting dialogues into the indirect speech.

Convert the following into the indirect speech.

a. ‘Are you going to the market?’ asked Jiya. Take my mother with you. She wants to buy some vegetables.’
b. ‘What a terrible mess!’ said Pratima, ‘Clear it all up before the guests arrive.’
c. Beena said to Laveena, “Why are you worrying so much? Go to your room and relax. I will find a solution to your problems.’
d. ‘What a pleasant day!’ said Jaswinder, ‘Let us go and play cricket.’
e. ‘I really enjoy bhajans,’ said grandmother, “Would you like to hear one?’

Look at the following statements in the indirect speech.

Charles thought that he would like writing a poem about the moon.

Lawrence wondered what Matilda had done to become so thin. Matilda said that she had done nothing, it was the stress of the examinations that had made her thin to which Lawrence remarked that he thought the examinations suited her.

Ben decided that he would give that new jigsaw puzzle to Betty.

Pamela declared that from that day, that was how she would dress, for she really looked cute in those kinds of clothes.

Mrs. Edwards asked her husband whether he liked he saw to which he replied what that he certainly did.

Veronica asked Naomi what made her think that she was dressed appropriately for a hike in the mountains. Naomi replied that she had never dreamt that a little walk would mean climbing a mountain, to which Veronica wondered where else would they be going when they were staying in a mountain resort.

Convert the following dialogue into indirect speech.

Kamal : Why are all these people running?
Jamal : They are taking part in a marathon.
Kamal : Who do you think will win the cup?
Jamal : I think the man in the blue T-shirt will win the cup.
Kamal : Will you take part?
Jamal : No! I get tired just looking at them!

Father : Why are you playing this music so loudly?
Father : Oh father, don’t be so boring. Music is meant to be loud.
Father : Please, Ronit, this music is giving me a headache.
Father : Well, then, I will close the door so that you don’t hear it so loud.
(After a little while, loud music is heard from Father’s room.)
Father : Father, what is the meaning of this? Why are you playing these bhajans so loudly?
Father : Music is meant to be loud, isn’t that so, son?

Doctor : Please do not worry, Mr. Das, I will be the one operating on your son.

Mr. Das : That is what I am worrying about!

Doctor : What do you mean?

Mr. Das : Well. How can I trust a doctor who forgets to wear his pants while coming to the hospital!

Convert Direct Speech Statements Consisting of Different Sentences

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Convert Direct Speech Statements Consisting of Different Sentences
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