Convert Exclamatory Sentences into Indirect Speech

Convert Exclamatory Sentences into Indirect Speech :

When you change exclamatory direct speech statements into the indirect speech…

The reporting verb SAID is changed to…

1. Exclaimed
2. Exclaimed With Anger / Surprise / Joy
3. Exclaimed Sadly
4. Cried
5. Cursed
6. Yearned
7. Earnestly Wished / Prayed / Desired

The exclamatory sentence is changed to an assertive one.

For example :

1. ‘How I wish I could fly!’ said the little girl.
2. The little girl earnestly desired to fly.
3. The little girl said that she really wished that she could fly.

Words like ‘Oh’, ‘Alas’, ‘Hurray’, ‘Oh no’, and so on are omitted but their sense is conveyed by words like ‘joyfully’, ‘sorrowfully’, and so on.

The conjunction THAT is added to the indirect speech statement.

Tenses, pronouns, possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns undergo the changes mentioned earlier.

You should not add, change the meaning or leave out any important part of speech statement while converting it into the indirect.

Convert the following direct speech exclamatory sentences into the indirect speech.

1. ‘Wow! This is the biggest skyscraper I have seen,’ said Jatan.
2. ‘Alas, this is the last bottle of water,’ said the caravan leader.
3. ‘Oh what big teeth you have, Grandma,’ said Litde Red Riding Hood.
4. ‘How hot this soup is!’ said Goldilocks?
5. ‘Congratulations Mr. Narain! You are the winner of the bumper lottery,’ said the announcer.
6. ‘What a kick!’ said the football commentator.
7. The captain said to the soldiers, ‘Bravo, well done!’
8. ‘What a pretty girl!’ said the Emperor.
9. ‘How deep this lake is!’ said the diver.
10. ‘Oh no, I think I have broken my finger,’ said the tailor.

Convert the following indirect speech sentences into direct speech exclamatory statements.

1. Kitty exclaimed joyfully that she had won ten lakhs in a lottery.
2. The old woman wished she could relive her past.
3. The giant said regretfully that he had been very selfish.
4. The captain congratulated the goal keeper on saving the goal very well.
5. Gayatri exclaimed that Kannan was very generous to have given away his toys to the orphanage.
6. Kannagi cursed that the kingdom would have drought and famine.
7. Pratap exclaimed happily that India had won the match.
8. Mother cried sorrowfully that the dog had died.
9. Mohit exclaimed fearfully that the stunt looked very dangerous.
10. The little boy shouted joyfully that he had a new bicycle.

Convert Exclamatory Sentences into Indirect Speech

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