Convert Imperative Sentences into Indirect Speech

Convert Imperative Sentences into Indirect Speech :

When you change direct speech imperative statements into the indirect speech….

The reporting verb said is changed to order, command, tell, charge, if the statement is an order.

For example :

‘Keep quiet, children,’ said the teacher.
The teacher ordered the children to keep quiet.

It is changed to request, beg, implore, entreat, beseech, if the statement is a request.

For example :

‘Please pass me the book,’ Hatim told the librarian.
Hatim requested the librarian to pass him the book.

Words like urged, advised, forbade, persuaded, incited also can be used depending upon the context of the sentence.

For example :

‘Respect every living creature,’ said the saint.
The saint urged the people to respect every living creature.

TO is added to the verb used in the direct speech statement.

For example :

‘Soldiers, charge at the enemy,’ said the General.
The General ordered the soldiers to charge at the enemy.

If the direct speech statement begins with the words DO NOT, then the word NOT is placed before TO in the indirect speech statement.

For example :

‘Do not walk on the grass,’ said the gardener.
The gardener commanded us not to walk on the grass.

Tenses, pronouns, possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns undergo the changes mentioned earlier.

You should not add, change the meaning or leave out any important part of the direct speech statement while converting it into the indirect.

Convert the following direct speech imperative statements into the indirect speech.

1. The officer told the secretary, ‘File all the papers neatly.’
2. Jigna said, ‘All non-competitors, please sit down.’
3. Mrs. Lalit said, ‘Nayan, do not forget to write your roll number at the bottom of the page.’
4. Utsav told Beena, ‘Please help me solve this equation.’
5. The policeman said, ‘No one is allowed to leave the room till all the bags have been checked.’
6. ‘Please let me go out once with all my friends,’ said Shilpa to her mother.
7. ‘Do not disturb me while I am reading the newspaper, said Father.
8. ‘Keshav you play the part of Ram,’ said the Director.
9. ‘Could you tell me the way to the Principal’s office?’ said the new student.
10. ‘First clean the wound with Dettol and then put the ointment,’ said the nurse.

Convert the following indirect speech statements into direct speech imperative statements.

1. The doctor urged the children to always wash their hands before eating food.
2. Harshita pleaded with her brother to let her use his calculator.
3. The coach ordered the team to run five rounds around the ground.
4. The wise old man advised his son to never let money tempt him to do wrong things.
5. The frog requested the princess to kiss him.
6. The examiner asked all the candidates to keep their books outside the classroom.
7. The bookseller advised Raman to buy the whole series of the book.
8. The tailor requested me to get some more material.
9. Mr. Swami ordered all the children to stop playing football.
10. The airport authorities requested the passengers to come one hour earlier.

Convert Imperative Sentences into Indirect Speech

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