Convert Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech

Convert Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech :

When you convert interrogative sentences from the direct speech statement to the indirect…

The reporting verb SAID is changed to ask, enquire or demand. The words ENQUIRE and DEMAND are followed by the preposition of. The conjunction THAT is not used the indirect speech statement.

For example :

‘Do you know the way home?’ asked Geeta.
Geeta asked if I knew the way home.
Geeta enquired of me if I knew the way home.

The interrogative form is changed to the assertive form. The question mark is dropped.

For example :

“What is your name?’ asked Jatin.
Jatin asked what my name was.

The question words who, what, when, why, where, which, whose, whom and how do not need any conjunction in the indirect speech statement.

For example :

‘When will the game begin?’ asked Prateek.
Prateek asked when the game would begin.

Kiran said, ‘Which subject have you chosen?’
Kiran asked me which subject I had chosen.

If the interrogative sentence begins with words like is, am, are, has, have, had, does, do, did, the words IF or WHETHER should be added in the indirect speech statement.

For example :

‘Did you bring your pen today?’ asked Amy.
Amy asked if I had brought my pen that day.

‘Have the children gone home?’ asked the Principal.
The Principal asked whether the children had gone home.

Tenses, pronouns, possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns undergo the changes mentioned earlier.

You should not add, change the meaning or leave out any important part of the direct speech statement while converting it into the indirect.

Convert the following direct speech interrogative sentences into the indirect speech.

1. ‘How far is the nearest petrol pump?’ said the stranger.
2. ‘Will we get our papers today?’ the students asked the teacher.
3. ‘Where have you kept my bag?’ asked Mother.
4. Mandira asked Tanya, Which player is your favourite?’
5. ‘Does Jupiter have more than one moon?’ asked the astronomer.
6. Birju asked, Why did you not bring your dictionary today?’
7. The teacher asked, ‘When would you like to put up the play?’
8. Grandfather said, ‘Have you said your prayers today, Gayatri?’
9. ‘Do you remember that the train will leave in one hour?’ asked Father.
10. ‘Are you planning to attend all the lectures?’ asked the professor.

Convert the following indirect speech statements into direct speech interrogative sentences.

1. Praveen wondered whether all the planets revolved around the sun.
2. The new student asked where the Principal’s office was located.
3. Amisha asked whom the watch belonged to.
4. Tarini asked her mother if she could go to her friend’s house to play.
5. Mother asked Tarini if she had completed all her work.
6. The balloon man asked how many balloons we wanted.
7. Lalit wanted to know when we would come back from Agra.
8. Vani asked why Chetna had decided to learn Bharatnatyam.
9. The old man asked if his children had decided to go with him to the temple.
10. The man behind the counter enquired if the bank granted loans to buy a car.

Convert Interrogative Sentences into Indirect Speech

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