Convert into Indirect Speech

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Convert into Indirect Speech :

1. He said. “If I am free I will come round and see you this evening.”

2. “Don't ask such silly questions,” he said.

3. “Will you post these letters for me?” he said.

4. “Why are you standing here?” 1 said to her.

5. He said, “I don't know the way to the museum. Do you?”

6. “Let us go to the cinema this evening,” John said.

7. “Would you like to come for a drive with me?” he said.

8. “Don’t go out,” he said to me. “It may rain.”

9. “How lovely the sari is!” she said. “When did you buy it?”

10. “I must buy a new handbag,” I said. “Would you help me to choose a good one?”

11. “What a beautiful spot!” he said. “Let’s spend the whole afternoon here.”

12. “Please wait here till I return,” he said. “I won't be long.”

13. “What do you mean ?” he said. “Do you think I’m lying ?”

14. “What an awful noise !” she said. “Close the windows.”

15. “Do you like your coffee strong ?” I said. “Yes”, he replied.

16. “Will you stay till tomorrow ?” he said.” “No,” said I. “I’m leaving tonight.”

17. “Good afternoon, Anand,” said Joseph. “Will you lend me scooter for an hour?”

18. “I’ve got a first class.”

19. “Congratulations. What do you intend to do?”

20. “I hope to get a position in a government office.”

21. “What time is it?”
“Half-past ten”
“Thank you.''

22. “My youngest boy has trouble with eczema.”
“Goodness! How did he get it?”
“He hasn’t got it. He just can't spell it!”

23. “Waiter! What is this?”
“It’s bean soup, sir.”
“No matter what it’s been. What is it now?”

24. “How often do you shave?”
“Forty or fifty times a day.”
“Say, are you mad ?”
“No. I’m a barber.”

25. “Excuse me, sir. Do you happen to have seen a policeman anywhere about here?”
“I am sorry, but I have not seen a sign of one.”
“Then hurry up and give me your watch and purse.”

26. Anand : “Good evening, Sanjay. I’ve come to see you about the umbrella you borrowed from me last week.
Sanjay : I’m sorry, but I lent it to a friend of mine. Do you want it now?
Anand : Well, not for my self, but the fellow I borrowed it from says the owner wants it.

Convert into Indirect Speech

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