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Convert into Indirect Speech :

1. He said, “Where are you going?”

2. He said, “Are you going to market?”

3. “How do you feel?” said the nurse.

4. “Is anybody there?” she asked.

5. “Can you drive a car?” he said.

6. “When is the next train, John?” he asked.

7. “Do you smoke?” I said.

8. “Why are you late?” asked the manager.

9. “When do you usually get home?” he asked.

10. “Can you hear somebody calling?” he said.

11. “Which train did you take?” she asked.

12. “Where did 1 leave my coat?” he said.

13. “Do you know Tamil?” she said.

14. “Did you go to the cinema last night?” he said.

15. “Are you going to marry her?” I asked him.

16. “Have you found my dog anywhere?” she enquired.

17. “Who has taken my umbrella?” he asked.

18. “Did she understand what you said to her?” he enquired.

19. She said, “What do you want?”

20. “What is the price of that suitcase?” Robert asked the shopkeeper.

21. “When did you see him last?” I asked.

22. “How old is your son now?” he asked. “Can he read yet?”

23. “Which is the way to the station?” the old man asked.

24. “How long will it take me to walk to the station?”

25. “Were you very busy yesterday?’’ he said. “Why didn't you come to the party?”

26. “How clever she is!” he said.

27. “What funny stories he tells!” she said.

28. “What naughty children they are!” she exclaimed.

29. “How charming!” said Anita.

30. “What a good idea!" Suresh remarked.

31. “How beautifully you sing!” I said to her.

32. “What a wonderful time we’ve had!” she said.

33. “How delicious the ice-cream is!” he exclaimed.

34. “What a beautiful present!” said Betty.

35. “What a long time it lasted!” said Vijay.

Convert into Indirect Speech

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