Convert Simple Sentences to Complex Sentences

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Convert Simple Sentences to Complex Sentences :

Change the following simple sentences into complex sentences.

1. I heard of his success.

2. We believed him to be sincere.

3. He admitted his guilt.

4. I don’t know the time of his coming.

5. She speaks too fast to be understood.

6. He hopes to know the result by tomorrow.

7. We were sorry to hear of your disappointment.

8. He denied stealing the watch.

9. We eat to live.

10. Is this the way to do it?

11. She found the lost key.

12. I waited at the bus station till her arrival.

13. The girl stood up to see better.

14. We took a taxi so as to arrive in time.

15. This hill is too high for us to climb.

16. I took him because of your recommendation.

17. You can have anything of your liking.

18. He is clever enough to understand it.

19. He kept smoking in spite of the doctor’s warning.

20. I request your help.

21. I can’t read without glasses.

22. We thought him to be innocent.

23. The work is too much for anybody to do single-handed.

Convert Simple Sentences to Complex Sentences

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