Convert Simple Sentences to Compound Sentences

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Convert Simple Sentences to Compound Sentences :

Convert the following simple sentences to compound sentences

1. Finishing his homework, he went to sleep.

2. She went out in spite of the rain.

3. Owing to ill-health, he postponed his trip to Simla.

4. Taking off his clothes, he jumped into the river.

5. You must study hard to get a first class.

6. He was sent to prison for reckless driving.

7. Besides scolding me, he also beat me.

8. Walking up to the front door, I rang the bell.

9. You have to work overtime to make up for the lost time.

10. With all his wealth, he is unhappy.

11. To our disappointment, he lost the election.

12. I was late because of the fog.

13. Hoping not to be disturbed, I started to read the book.

14. In spite of my advice, he gave up his studies.

15. Taking up his gun, he went out to shoot the tiger.

Convert Simple Sentences to Compound Sentences

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