Converting Active Voice into Passive Voice

Converting Active Voice into Passive Voice :

Examples of the interchange of active and passive voice are here. Please, study how the voices are changed from active to passive and passive to active for the same verb. There are thousands of examples for such a conversion of voices.

(i) All her friends laughed at her. (Active voice)

She was laughed at by all her friends. (Passive voice)

(ii) They made her Prime Minister. (Active voice)

She was made Prime Minister by them. (Passive voice)

(iii) The Terrorists expected to conquer the capital. (Active voice)

It was expected that the terrorists would conquer the capital. (Passive voice)

(iv) One should keep one's promises. (Active voice)

Promises should be kept by one. (Passive voice)

(v) Give the order. (Active voice)

Let the order be given. (Passive voice)

(vi) Somebody has picked his pocket. (Active voice)

His pocket has been picked. (Passive voice)

(vii) Circumstances will oblige her to go. (Active voice)

She will be obliged to go. (Passive voice)

(viii) Shall I ever forget those happy days? (Active voice)

Will those happy days be ever forgotten by me? (Passive voice)

(ix) One cannot gather grapes from thistles. (Active voice)

Grapes cannot be gathered from thistles. (Passive voice)

(x) Without effort, nothing can be gained. (Passive voice)

You can gain nothing without effort. (Active voice)

(xi) Do not insult the weak. (Active voice)

Let not the weak be insulted. (Passive voice)

(xii) Subject him to a severe examination. (Active voice)

Let him be subjected to a severe examination. (Passive voice)

(xiii) She made her husband do the work. (Active voice)

Her husband was made to do the work. (Passive voice)

(xiv) The doctor despaired of her recovery. (Active voice)

Her recovery was despaired of by the doctor. (Passive voice)

(xv) They laughed at his warnings and objected to all his proposals. (Active voice)

His warnings were laughed at and all his proposals were objected to. (Passive voice)

(xvi) Summon the fire brigade. (Active voice)

Let the fire brigade be summoned. (Passive voice)

(xvii) We admire the brave. (Active voice)

The brave are admired. (Passive voice)

(xviii) You must endure what you cannot cure. (Active voice)

What cannot be cured must be endured. (Passive voice)

(xix) All desire wealth and some acquire it. (Active voice)

Wealth is desired by all and it is acquired by some. (Passive voice)

(xx) We must listen to his words. (Active voice)

His words must be listened to. (Passive voice)

Converting Active Voice into Passive Voice

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