Coordinate Clauses

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Coordinate Clauses :

We can analyse a long sentence (a complex or compound sentence) into clauses to describe them and explain their relationship to one another. This is called clause analysis

In clause analysis, phrases should be included in the clauses to which they belong.

Two or more clauses of the same kind (either main or subordinate clauses) which do identical work in a sentence are called coordinate clauses. They are joined by conjunctions like and, or, but, so, therefore.

Consider the following sentence.

When the boy stole the briefcase and tried to run. I rushed to the spot and caught him.

The sentence contains two main clauses which are coordinate.

1. I rushed to the spot
2. (and I) caught him

It also contains two subordinate clauses which are coordinate.

1. When the boy stole the briefcase
2. (and when he) tried to run

These two adverb clauses do the same work in the sentence.

They modify RUSHED in main clause 1 and CAUGHT in main clause 2.

As you will have noticed, main clause 2 and subordinate clauses 2 in the above sentence are elliptical. The certain words needed to complete the construction are omitted. The words are supplied and placed in brackets.

Coordinate Clauses

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