Coordinating Conjunctions 

Coordinating Conjunctions :

The coordinating conjunctions are called as FANBOYS.

1. F for FOR
2. A for AND
3. N for NOR
4. B for BUT
5. O for OR
6. Y for YET
7. S for SO

FOR is used to denote reason.

For example : I couldn’t get up early, for I had gone to bed late.

AND is used to denote addition.

For example : I put on my shoes and took up my bag.

NOR is used to denote and not.

For example : I didn’t take my umbrella nor my raincoat.

BUT is used to denote contrast.

For example : I waited for the bus but finally took a cab.

OR is used to denote option.

For example : I could go to the theatre or to the ZOO.

YET is used to denote outcome.

For example : I wrote as fast as I could, yet I couldn’t complete my homework.

SO is used to denote result.

For example : I wanted to watch the serial, so I hurried home.

Coordinating Conjunctions

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