Copulative Conjunctions

Copulative Conjunctions :

Cumulative Conjunctions, Copulative Conjunctions and Accumulative Conjunctions are one and the same.

AND : (Conjunction)

AND is used to join things, especially, words of the same type or parts of sentences of the same importance.

1. As well as
2. Also
3. Then
4. Afterwards

These conjunctions in sentences :

1. A knife and fork
2. Jack and Jill
3. She started to shout and sing.
4. We are cold and hungry.
5. She knocked on the door and went in.
6. Water the seeds and they will grow.
7. Did you enjoy yourselves? And how?

This type of conjunction is called Cumulative Conjunctions or Copulative Conjunctions.

A Cumulative Conjunction or Copulative Conjunction merely adds one statement to another. Accumulative Conjunction is another name for this Cumulative Conjunction. Cumulative means increasing steadily in amount or degree by one addition after another.

Copulative means describing a word or word group that connects other words or word groups.

AND - Copulative Conjunction

Copulative Conjunctions

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