Correct Usage of ALL

Correct Usage of ALL :

ALL and EVERY have quite similar meanings.
They are used in general about people or things.
ALL can be used with a plural noun and verb.
But, EVERY can only be used with singular words.

1. All Sundays are busy for me.
2. Every Sunday is busy for me.
3. Not all Tamilians speak Tamil.
4. Not every Tamilian speaks Tamil.
5. The man was here all day.
6. He was here every day.

EACH and EVERY do not mean quite the same.
EVERY puts people or things into a group.
It is similar to ALL.
But EACH separates things or people.

EACH : (determiner) - every single one or two or more things or people considered separately

1. She had a cut on each foot.

Note : BOTH is used for two things taken together – while EACH is used for any number of things separately.

1. I have two or more children. Each of my children goes to a different school.
2. They each have their own room.

Note :

BOTH always takes a plural verb.

1. Both these books are mine.

Correct Usage of ALL

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