Correct usage of FEW

Correct usage of FEW :


FEW : (determiner) : (used without A to show the smallness of a number not many & not enough)

1. She has few friends (She has almost no friends)
2. Few understand his complicated theories.

Note :

A FEW is used for plural nouns.

1. I have a few friends. (I have some friends.)

a few : some
few : almost nil

1. I have few friends. (few - not many)
2. I have a few friends. (a few - some)
3. We ate a little food. (We ate some food.)

Note : few - not many, hardly any - a few – some

THE FEW - not many = but all there are.

1. Few men (not many men) reach the age of one hundred years.
2. A few students are there in the class.
3. The few suggestions, made by him, deserve consideration.
4. The few friends, I have, are not rich.

(The few suggestions = those suggestions)

Correct usage of FEW

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