Correct Usage of Some and Any

Correct Usage of Some and Any :

Some & Any

Some and Any are determiners.

They are used with uncountable and plural nouns. They have the same meaning as the indefinite article a / an.

Determiner is a word that limits the meaning of a noun and comes before adjectives that describe the same noun.

1. His new car….
2. That green coat…..

'His' and ’that' are determiners.

Some : [determiner] - a little - a few (or) a certain (or) small number (or) amount of

1. I bought some apples.
2. I need some medicine.
3. Would you like some more beer?
4. That was some speech you made yesterday.

Usage : In negative sentences, ANY & NO are used instead of some.

1. I haven't any.
2. I have no stock.
3. Shall I bring some food to the party?
4. Can you see any cars in the street?

Any : (determiner) – every - (of more than two) - no matter which

1. Any one would know that.
2. Any child can understand this.
3. I admire her for her beauty….but not for any other reason.
4. Very few people, if any, will support the minister's idea.
5. I don't want to go today and in any case we can’t afford it.
6. I want some biscuits.
7. Have you any biscuits?

'Any' is used in affirmative sentences that have a negative meaning.

'Any' is used with words like, never, without, hardly, prevent, etc.

1. You never gave any help to her.
2. We got there without any trouble.
3. Let me see, there's hardly any money left.
4. Politicians prevent common people from getting any help from the government.
5. If you want some help, I am prepared.
6. If you want any help, I am willing.

Note : When we talk about uncertain, indefinite or unknown numbers or quantities, we use some and any.

1. 'Some' and 'any' are also used as pronouns.
2. Do you like some of these books?
3. I can't understand any of your suggestions.

Note : To express quantity or degree 'some' is used in affirmative sentences and 'any' in negative or interrogative sentences.

1. I shall buy some oranges.
2. 1 shall not buy any oranges.
3. Have you bought any oranges?
4. Will you please send me some biscuits?

Correct Usage of Some and Any

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