Correct Verb Forms

Correct Verb Forms :

Study the following sentences.

1. Will you be having dinner out this evening?
2. Will you come to dinner this evening?
3. We are drinking the same thing as we drank yesterday.
4. Have you been trying to do that for long?
5. We bought some sugar a week ago. But we haven't bought any since.
6. Aiamu had already left my house, when the thunders began.
7. Mother has been staying at the Grand Hotel since the end of June.
8. Mr. Watson didn't tell us whether he had found his watch.
9. I was merely wondering what Nicloa had been working at.
10. I shall telephone you when he comes back.
11. The child has been crying all morning.
12. If he hears of your marriage, he will be surprised.
13. If I had enough money, I would go to the U.S.A.
14. If I got rich, I would travel round the world.
15. You look as if you are going to cry.
16. The city has changed its appearance completely since 1960.
17. I meant to repair the television, but I haven't had the time to do it.
18. The train had left before we could reach the station.
19. It is years since I saw him.
20. He has seen his best days.
21. We lay beneath a spreading oak.
22. He has long lain under suspicion.
23. He laid the book on the table.
24. He had not laid a finger on him.
25. The verdict was against him.

Correct Verb Forms

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