Correlative Conjunctions 

Correlative Conjunctions :

Correlative conjunctions are pairs of words that are always used together.

The correlative conjunctions are…

1. both...and
2. not only...but also
3. either...or
4. neither...nor
5. whether...or

The correlative conjunctions add one statement or fact to another.

For example :

1. The play was both interesting and informative.
2. The Pope visited not only the church but also the school.

They express a choice between two alternatives.

For example :

1. The speaker spoke neither in English nor in Hindi.
2. You have to bring either your journal or your notebook every day.
3. I do not know whether Arpita has been selected for the dance or not.

When using correlative conjunctions, we must remember to use the same parts of speech after each part of the pair of conjunction.

For example :

I bought not only footballs but also basketballs for the school. (CORRECT)
(noun after not only, noun after but also)

I not only bought footballs but also basketballs for the school. (INCORRECT)
(verb after not only, noun after but also)

She is neither tall nor fat. (CORRECT)
(adjective after neither, adjective after nor) (INCORRECT)

Neither is she tall nor fat.
(verb after neither, adjective after nor)

When we have to begin the sentence with the first part of the correlative conjunction, this is how we should construct the sentence.

For example :

1. Not only did I buy footballs, but I also bought basketballs for the school.

2. Neither is she tall nor is she fat.

Thus we are combining two sentences and hence maintaining the balance in the sentence.

There is no need for commas before the correlative conjunction within a sentence.

Example Sentences :

1. The gardener planted not only roses but also lilies.
2. You could study both French and Spanish.
3. Heera bought neither tomatoes nor brinjals.
4. Rakita decided to take either Neeta or Preethi with her to the market.
5. Hari could not decide to wear whether a blue shirt or a yellow one to the party.
6. I have neither the time nor the money to waste on such useless activities.
7. The king forgave both the prisoner and his gang.
8. The giant ate both the meat and all the bread.
9. You have to be both intelligent and hardworking to excel at this job.
10. Either Era or Jahanvi could become the monitor of the class this year.

Correlative Conjunctions

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