Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative Conjunctions :

These are Conjunctions that go in pairs.

1. Either...or
2. Neither....nor
3. Both...and
4. Not only...but also

Care should be taken when using them. The simple rule is…All words which refer to both correlated terms must be placed before the first correlative.

He is either a fool or a knave.

HE IS refers to both fool and knave.

Either the step taken was right or wrong. (Incorrect)
The step taken was either right or wrong. (Correct)

Neither his action was just nor unjust. (Incorrect)
His action was neither just nor unjust. (Correct)

He was both strong in power and will. (Incorrect)
He was strong in both power and will. (Correct)

She not only lost her ticket but also her luggage. (Incorrect)
She lost not only her ticket but also her luggage. (Correct)

He not only is known for his wisdom but also for his goodness. (Incorrect)
He is known not only for his wisdom but also for his goodness. (Correct)

Correlative Conjunctions :

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