Countable Nouns

Countable Nouns :

(i) All countable nouns may be used in the singular or plural.

If they are singular, they have an article (ie) a, an, the or a determinative in front of them.

The determinatives are, such as yur, thus, every, no, each.

1. I saw a black bird.
2. I saw an owl.
3. I saw some black birds.

Note : "Some" is virtually the plural of the indefinite article ("a, an").

(ii) In the negative, a and an become not — a, not... an, or no.

(e.g.) I did not see a black bird or I saw no black birds.

(iii) Determiners – Determinatives

Articles (a, an) possessives (my, your, etc) and demonstratives (this, that, these, those) are grammatically similar.

These come at the beginning of nouns or noun phrases.

1. a nice girl
2. my old cat
3. this boy

A, my and this are called determiners.

Correct….. incorrect

1. the house…. the my house
2. my house….. the this house
3. this house….. this my house
4. that house….. that my house

Note : Usually, only one determiner can be used in the noun phrase.

(a) Some : (determiner) : a certain amount or number (of), but not all

Some days we win and some days we lose.

(b) Any : (determiner) pronoun

Everyone of more than two, no matter which Any boy would know that.

You can use this printer with any computer.

(c) Much : (determiner) pronoun - a large amount or part.

1. How much is that dress?
2. She has got far too much work to do.

(d) Many : (determiner) pronoun - a large number (of). More than several but less than most.

1. I haven't got as many as you (have).
2. Many people find this kind of film not pleasant.

(e) Few : (determiner) pronoun - not many, not enough

1. I have few friends.
2. Few understand these problems.

Note : Other determiners are : no, each, every, either, neither, what, whatever, which, whichever, enough, more, most, little, less, least, fewer, fewest, several, all, both, half.

Countable Nouns

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