Curry of Birbal

Curry of Birbal :

One evening, in the royal court Birbal said to King Akbar, “Your Majesty, I have been invited to dinner so I have to leave early.”

King Akbar let him go early. Next day King Akbar enquired about the dinner. Birbal started listing the dishes that had been served at the feast. But, before he could complete the list, King started talking about the roses abloom in the royal garden.

The discussion about the feast was left unfinished. Early next morning when Akbar asked Birbal, “And what else?”

Before he could complete the sentence, Birbal said, “Your Majesty, and curry.”

King Akbar remembered that Birbal had said that word to complete the list of dishes served at the feast they were talking about yesterday. King Akbar was impressed by Birbal’s memory and gave him his pearl necklace as a reward.

The courtiers, who were watching and hearing the conversation, did not understand a thing. They were confused why just saying CURRY had earned Birbal a reward. Some of them thought that curry must be King Akbar’s favourite dish. They went home and asked their wives to prepare delicious curry.

Next morning all the courtiers entered the royal court with each having a servant carrying a covered vessel. As the King arrived and sat on the throne, the covered vessels were placed in front of him. King Akbar grew confused.

King Akbar asked,“What on earth do these vessels contain?” and he enquired.

One of the courtiers stood up and said, “Your Majesty, it seems curry is your favourite dish that is why you gave a handsome reward to Birbal yesterday. All of us have brought tasty curry for you. Please taste them so that you may reward the one who has brought the tastiest curry for you.”

“How dare you make fun of me?” King Akbar grew angry.

“You knew nothing about what we were talking about yesterday and why I gave that pearl necklace to Birbal. You made your own assumptions. You are fools with no brain to think. You merely copy others and feel jealous at other’s success. I order all of you to be put in jail.”

The courtiers apologised for their behaviour and the merciful King Akbar accepted their apology.

This story implies that no one should simply copy others in order to impress others and to gain favours. We have to develop intellect in order to understand the situations and form our own thoughts.

Curry of Birbal

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