Dative Case

Dative Case :

Dative Case

Arrange the words in order.

• You/a picture/drew.

• Harry potter/his friend/helped.

• Flies/kites/Chitra.

• Mani/his enemies/hated.

• Dreamt of /Ivan/lottery tickets.

• Will eat/Masha/ice-cream.

• Nuttel/Veera/cheated.

• The Giant/The children/loved.

• The story/Chekhov/wrote.

• Sought/The Refugees/shelter.

A noun used as an indirect object of the verb is known as Dative case. It answers the question ‘to whom’ or ‘for whom’. It is placed after the verb and before the direct object.

• He caught the students Chemistry.

• They gave Priya a gift.

• We send the orphans the books.

• Tom told jerry a story,

• She forgives somu his faults.

Dative Case

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