Daughter of Birbal

Daughter of Birbal :

One day Birbal’s daughter insisted on meeting King Akbar. She was a young girl of eleven years. She was also very intelligent and witty like her father. Birbal took her to the palace to please her. In palace, she saw all the chambers and the royal gardens. Then she went to the royal court.

King Akbar was attending the royal court. He saw Birbal’s daughter and welcomed her.

After giving her some refreshments, King Akbar asked her, “Dear….do you know how to talk?”

“Yes. Your Majesty…neither less nor more.”

Hearing the answer King Akbar was confused, “What do you mean by your answer…dear?” King Akbar asked.

“I mean I talk less with elders and more with my friends.”

Hearing her witty reply, King Akbar laughed and commented, “So you are, like father like daughter.”

Daughter of Birbal

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