Defective :

Defective : (adjective)

Meanings :

1. not working properly

2. faulty

Example Sentences :

1. The machine is defective in some parts.

2. He exchanged the defective tire for a good one.

3. His hearing was found to be slightly defective.

4. No lawyer could win any case with a defective argument.

5. We have to get rid of the defective computers.

6. What are you going to do with these defective washing-machines?

7. This pain is believed to be caused by defective medicines.

8. These defective batteries were made between 2017 and 2019.

9. A manufacturer deliberately marketed a car with defective brakes.

10. If your points on this case result to be a defective ones, you will not be given fees for them.

Note :

1. Defective machinery

2. Defective hearing


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