Definite Article THE

Definite Article THE :

About things and people in particular

Nouns are more often used with a particular meaning. Particular meanings can be definite or indefinite and they need different articles accordingly.

Definite Article

Definite article THE is used, when the noun has already been mentioned.

1. I saw a boy and a girl in the road. 2. The boy looked very smart. I gave him a book. But the girl wanted a pencil.

Definite article 'the' is used, when it is clear, from the situation, which noun you mean.

1. Can you pass the file please? (The file = the file which is under consideration) 2. I am going to the market to buy some vegetables. (The market : the market I always go to)

Definite article ’the' is used, when the words following the noun, explain it exactly.

1. I have just met the woman from the next door. (not just any woman)

2. The news, you gave me, was correct.

Nouns in some common expressions such as, "play the violin", "Get me the piano" etc., are used with 'the'.

Some nouns are never used with THE.

1. Honesty is the best policy.
2. Waters run deep here.

In some common expressions with prepositions such as - on foot, to home, to school, by air, by plane, at noon, at night, etc. No article is used with the noun.

Definite article 'the' is used, when the person or thing is the only one that exists.

1. I have gone round the world. But I do not feel exhausted. I feel fresh and fine. (There is only one world.)

Definite Article THE

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