Definite Numerals

Definite Numerals :

Definite Numeral Adjectives = Definite Numerals

one, two, three, etc., are called cardinals
First, Second, Third etc.... called ordinals

Indefinite Numeral Adjectives = Indefinite Numerals

All :
He read all the books.
He walked all the way.

No :
We have no telephone in our house.
I am no fool.

Many :
You have too many books.
Many students did not turn up to this seminar.

Few :
I have few friends.
They have submitted only a few papers to this journal.

Some : (determiner) - a certain amount or number (of) - but not all
Some days you win and some days you lose.
Some people say so, but not all.
We have some sugar in the kitchen.

Any - every : no matter which
Take any you like.
Any student can come forward to take part in this project.

Certain - sure – undoubted
There are certain reasons for doing it.
Certain people are not allowed within this premise.

Several - separate difficult
They shook hands and went their several ways.
Several methods are adopted by the students to attain there success.

Sundry - various
This company has few other sundry stores across this town.
I have to attend to all sundry matters.

Definite Numerals

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