Degrees of Comparison

Degrees of Comparison :

Let us take a look at three friends.

Jayesh weighs 78 kgs.
Mahesh weighs 89 kgs.
Ramesh weighs 95 kgs.


Jayesh is heavy.
Mahesh is also heavy.
Ramesh is heavy too.

However, how do we indicate that there is a difference in the degree of heaviness? We use the degrees of comparison.

We say, Jayesh is heavy, Mahesh is heavier and Ramesh is the heaviest.

Thus, we can see that there are three degrees of comparison. The first is called the positive degree of comparison, the second is known as the comparative degree of comparison and the third degree is the superlative degree of comparison.

The comparative and the superlative degrees of the positive adjective are formed in different ways.

by adding er and est

1. high - higher - highest
2. wide - wider - widest
3. bright - brighter - brightest
4. light - lighter - lightest

by doubling the last consonant and then adding er and est

1. fat - fatter - fattest
2. big - bigger - biggest
3. hot - hotter - hottest
4. wet - wetter - wettest

by removing the y and adding ier and iest

1. easy - easier - easiest
2. funny - funnier - funniest
3. dry - drier - driest
4. happy - happier - happiest
5. tall - taller - tallest
6. thin - thinner - thinnest
7. slim - slimmer - slimmest
8. heavy - heavier - heaviest
9. wealthy - wealthier - wealthiest

Adjecrives with more than two syllables form the comparative and superlative by adding more and most in front of the positive adjective.

1. capable - more capable - most capable
2. beautiful - more beautiful - most beautiful
3. important - more important - most important
4. difficult - more difficult - most difficult
5. intelligent - more intelligent - most intelligent

Add more and most to the positive adjective when the two syllable adjectives end in ful, less, ing and ed.

1. useful - more useful - most useful
2. careless - more careless — most careless

Certain words do not belong to any category. There are exceptions to even rule. Such words are…

1. modern - more modern - most modern
2. foolish - more foolish - most foolish
3. certain - more certain - most certain

Certain words change totally in the comparative and the superlative.

1. good - better - best
2. well - better - best
3. bad — worse - worst
4. ill - worse - worst
5. little — less — least
6. old - older - oldest (when the people being compared are not related or when we talk about places or things)
7. old — elder — eldest (when the people being compared are related)
8. far - farther - farthest (when we are talking about distances)

The words further and furthest are used when we are talking about additions - not connected with distance.

For example :

1. I would like to inform you that you are not allowed to enter the premises, further, you may not use the identity cards issued too.

2. Becoming the heir to the throne was furthest from his mind when suddenly, his father, the king died.

3. We use the three degrees of comparison - positive, comparative and superlative in sentences too.

For example :

No other poet in India was as great as Kalidasa. (Positive Degree)
Kalidasa was greater than any other poet in India. (Comparative Degree)
Kalidasa was the greatest poet in India. (Superlative Degree)

Very few metals are as precious as gold. (Positive Degree)
Gold is more precious than most metals. (Comparative Degree)
Gold is one of the most precious metals. (Superlative Degree)

Note the words that are in bold and follow the pattern while interchanging the degrees of comparison. Also remember that the superlative degree cannot be used when two entities are being compared.

Sentences with Degrees of Comparison

4. No other building in the world is as grand the Taj Mahal.
5. Iron is more useful than any other metal.
6. The elder sister is not so clever as the younger one.
7. Very few games are as popular as cricket.
8. India is the largest democracy in the world.
9. Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful cities in India.
10. Ankita is as intelligent as her sister.
11. It is better to starve than to beg.
12. Dehradun is not so cool as Shimla.
13. Delhi is one of the busiest cities in India.
14. Beans are as nutritious as milk.
15. The Arabian Nights - is the most popular storybook.
16. Australia is smaller than any other continent in the world.
17. Meera works faster than Sheela.
18. A sunset on the seashore is one of the loveliest sights of nature.
19. Shipra is not so intelligent as Rashi.
20. Jamal is more industrious than any other boy in the colony.
21. My house is farther from the school than yours.

Degrees of Comparison

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