Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives :

This, These, That, Those, Yonder and Such are called Demonstrative Adjectives which are used to point out the thing or person. They answer the questions WHICH?

This : being the person, thing, idea, etc. which (singular) is understood or (about to be) mentioned.
I saw Mrs. Jane this morning.
There will be another meeting later this week.
Later that very day, the Prime Minister called a meeting of his colleagues.

These : plural :
Let these people come there.
These cars are not for sales.
These teachers will be punished for their anti-social behaviors.

That : being the person, thing, idea etc. (singular) which is understood or has just been mentioned.
We have to take that girl with us.
The students have to understand that concept.
Who was that girl I saw you speaking to?

Those : plural
Let those people come here.
Those dogs are not allowed within the city.
We have to punish those students.

Some :
I want some rice.
I saw some girls.

Yonder : over there (or) at a place or in a direction (or) that or those there
Yonder fort once belonged to Aurangazeb.
Climb yonder hill and you will see the Tower.

Such : (sometimes with as) of that kind, of the same kind, like that
The rules apply to all such institutions.
Such people like him, are not allowed here.
He is such a kind man.
You can borrow my books, such as they are.

1. I took some bread.
2. Some boys are very intelligent.
3. I have gained all my wealth.
4. All men must work.
5. Some people have no sense at all.
6. There are no posts in the street.
7. She doesn't take any food.
8. Are there any men working here?
9. I have enough wheat.
10. There are not enough clerks to do the work.

Note : Some, all, no, any, enough

These adjectives can be used both as adjectives of quantity or adjectives of number. They can be used either quantitatively or numerically.

Demonstrative Adjectives

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