Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns :

A Demonstrative Pronoun is a pronoun that points out the person or thing that is meant and separates it from others.

THIS, THESE, THAT & THOSE are demonstrative pronouns.

This is related to here.
That is related to there.

THIS & THESE – pronouns

The thing, idea, action, etc which is understood or (about to be) mentioned.

1. Who told you this?
2. What's this?
3. This has been the best year in my life.
4. This is Rahim, speaking.

THAT & THOSE – pronouns

The person, thing, idea, etc, which is understood or just has been mentioned.

1. Who told you that?
2. Who gave you those?
3. She slammed the book down on the table and with that ran angrily, out of the room.
4. I'm not going to do it and that's that.

THIS speaks about persons or things near to it in a sentence.
THAT speaks about persons or things somewhat distant from it in a sentence.

1. This is really delicious. How do you make it?
2. That smells nice.
3. Get that off the room.
4. This will be interesting.
5. I may have offended. But such was not my intention.
6. I may have offended = such (pronoun)
7. The new comer was welcomed as such (such - pronoun).

In English, Emphasis can be shown by using special words, such as really, certainly, definitely.

But in spoken English, SUCH and SO are very commonly used as emphasizers.

1. It was such a fine speech.
2. I really appreciated it.

Such = (pronoun) : that thing, fact or action

1. We had predicted a congress victory and such indeed was the result.
2. It's not an agreement as such. But it has the same effect as one.

1. Such (of you) as wish to go, may do so.
(Such - used as demonstrative pronoun)

1. This pen is mine.
2. All such men should be punished.
3. This girl is taller than that.

Note : THIS & SUCH are used as adjectives in the sentences above.

Demonstrative Pronouns

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