Descriptive Adjectives

Descriptive Adjectives :

These Adjectives show what quality or in what state persons or things are. These are sometimes called Qualitative. These adjectives are used to express the size, color or state or condition or shape of a person, a thing, an animal, an item or a place. These adjectives are used to provide additional information about a noun. These adjectives describe the nouns in detail by giving an attribute to that particular word. This adjective is used to describe the noun which it modifies. The adjective of this type simply describes.

A student….This is an ordinary word in noun form.
A tall student….in this phrase, an additional word TALL is introduced to add extra information about the noun (A student).

So, the word TALL is an adjective of this type.

1. A brave boy
2. A sick lion
3. A tame cat
4. A large field
5. A black horse
6. An industrious student
7. A careful workman
8. The long road
9. The small room
10. The thin layer of tissue
11. The week patients

Here are few more example sentences with this type of adjective. The adjectives of this type are underlined.

1. Since we invited her to the function, she is getting ready by brushing her long black hair.

2. The tall black man appeared out of the temple and started shooting at the police.

3. We all should always take green leafy vegetables in order to be healthy and active.

4. The industrious students have come to the playground.

5. He has taken us to the age-old temple.

6. She is also a student of this vocal music class.

7. He is a famous Carnatic play-back singer.

8. The fat students teased the tiny kids in the park.

9. The spider has eight legs.

10. The aged man asked the poor girl for food.

11. The extremely pink light almost blinded me.

12. That active girl is my best friend.

13. The handsome guy fell off his white horse.

14. I think he’s pretty tall for his age.

15. We have to go after the stolen gold-ornaments.

16. The active police have detained the gold-smugglers.

There are a lot of nouns in English language. So, there are many such adjectives of this type to modify those nouns in various ways.

1. The tall professor….
2. The pretty girl….
3. The lugubrious lieutenant…..
4. The modernized army….
5. A solid commitment…..
6. The brand-new car….
7. A month's pay…..
8. My today’s engagement…
9. A sixty-year-old child…..
10. The poor student….
11. The unhappiest, richest man….
12. The repaired computer
13. A dog corpse
14. The village area


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  64. The Adjective Clause

Descriptive Adjectives :

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