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Determiners :

Determiners are words that determine or limit the nouns that follow.

Here is a list of determiners which we use most frequently.

1. A
2. an
3. much
4. several
5. few
6. little
7. each
8. every
9. the
10. some
11. any
12. all
13. both
14. either
15. neither
16. no
17. half
18. my
19. our
20. your
21. his
22. her
23. its
24. their
25. this
26. that
27. these
28. those
29. five (and other numbers)

The determiners include the following.

(a) Articles (a, an and the)

1. A box
2. the sun
3. An apple
4. the rose

(b) Demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those)

1. this school
2. these schools
3. that school
4. those girls

(c) Possessive adjectives (my, your, our, his, her, its, their)

1. my brother
2. his car
3. your pen
4. their house

(d) Adjectives of quantity (all, both, some, much, many, few, little, each, every, either, neither, four, sixth, etc.)

1. all students
2. both eyes
3. some grapes
4. every worker
5. many flowers
6. little sugar
7. seven rupees
8. tenth day


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