Differ :

Differ from :

Differ in :

Differ with :

Meanings :

1. to be dissimilar in nature character and type

2. be different

Example Sentences :

1. Their house differs from mine in having no out-house.

2. The two triangles differ in colour but not in size.

3. I differ with you on this issue.

4. Our tastes differ from each other.

5. I differ from her about this question.

6. We differ from you over question.

7. We differ with them on that question.

8. How does it differ from the detective novel?

9. The husband and wife differ in their interests.

10. The three birds differ in small features .

11. Available commercial ice creams differ in quality.

12. I beg to differ with you on that point.

13. The effects of being a lazy child differ with age.



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