Difference between Farther and Further

Difference between Farther and Further :

Farther – adjective - comparative of far - more distant - more far

1. On the farther side of the street, there is a temple.

Further - adverb - comparative of far - at or to a greater distance - or more distant point

1. Let us not walk any further.
2. They pushed the boy further into the water.

Farthest - adjective, adverb - Superlative of far - most far

1. Who can swim the farthest?
2. Which of these towns is farthest away from Chennai?

Usage :

When we speak of places and distances, we use either farther & farthest or further & furthest.

1. What is the farthest place you have ever been to?
2. What is the furthest place you have ever been to?

But in other cases, especially with the meaning, "more extra”, "additional" further & furthest are usually used.

1. It is a college of further education. (Further - additional)
2. If you want further information, write to the above address.
3. The records don't go any further (more distant point) back than 1970.
4. There will be a further performance of the play next week. (Further = additional)
5. The college will be closed until further orders.
6. The speaker makes no further remarks. (Further - additional)
7. The officer wants the reply now without any further delay. (Further - additional)
8. The minister went the furthest in condemning the communal disturbances.
9. Chennai is farther (more distant) from the Equator than Colombo.

Note :

Writers do not usually differentiate between the words "farther" and "further."
"Further" is used instead of "Farther".
But "Farther" is not used for "additional" meaning.

Difference between Farther and Further

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