Difference between Later and Latter

Difference between Later and Latter :

late, later, latest, latter and last

late : (adjective) - arriving, happening after the usual, arranged, necessary or expected time

The train was late.

later : (adverb) - at a later time

I will tell you later.
I will see you later.

latest : (noun) - (in) the most recent example, news or fashion

Have you heard the latest news about Kashmir disturbances?

The latest news is that the Prime Minister continues to be in his post.

Please be here by 10 O'clock at the latest. (= not later than the stated time)

(At the latest (opposite) at the earliest)

latter : (Adjective) the second (of the two people or things just mentioned)

latter (opposite) former

If offered red or white wine, I will choose the latter. (= white wine)

last : (determiner) : after anything else, after the others

George came last.

last : (Pronoun) :

1. I hope I am not the last.
2. I was the last to arrive.
3. The accused continued to the last to insist that he was innocent.
4. The minister was later than I expected.
5. What is the latest news?
6. The latter part of the film is interesting.
7. The last house is painted red.
8. Ours is the last in the lane.

Note : Later and latest - refer to time
Latter and last - refer to position

Difference between Later and Latter

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