Difference between Nearest and Next

Difference between Nearest and Next :

"Nearest" is not "next."

Near : (adjective) : close - not at much distance away in space, time, degree or relationship

1. The near future is not far away.
2. The Union Ministry will fall in the near future.
3. My office is quite near.
4. My family lives 20 kilometres from the nearest city.
5. Tell me how much it will cost to the nearest Rs. 10.

Near : (adverb) [Preposition] - not far (from) close

1. We want to find a house nearer (to) the station. (adverb)
2. We live quite near here. (adverb)
3. Do not go near the edge. (preposition)

Near : (verb) : to come closer in space or time – approach

1. The work is nearing the end.
2. I get more and more frightened as the day of my death nears.

Next : (determiner) closest in space, order or degree - without anything coming before or between

1. Take the next left-turn after the school.
2. The next house to ours is one kilometre away.
3. Japan is the main market for our products and the next biggest market is Germany.

Next : (immediately following in time)

1. The one after the one mentioned or after the present.
2. The law was passed in 1988. Two years later, the law was repealed by the next Janata Government.
3. Mumbai is the nearest seaport to Europe.
4. The shop is next to my house.
5. My wife lives within the next room.

Difference between Nearest and Next

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