Differences between Direct and Indirect Speech

Differences between Direct and Indirect Speech :

In questions in direct speech, the special verb comes before the subject. But, in questions in indirect speech, the subject usually comes before the verb. There are also other differences between direct and indirect speech.

Study the following.

1. "Has the Delhi train come in yet, Porter?"
Ask the Porter whether the Delhi train has come in yet.

2. I shall ask Malu what novel she is reading at the moment.
"What novel are you reading at the moment, Malu?"

3. Mr. Velu has just asked Mr. Adam whether he wants any more of the rice.
Mr. Velu, “Do you want any more of the rice, Mr. Adam?”

Study the following.

1. We will ask him where he keeps the keys.
2. I have already asked him when the machine was last used.
3. Ask Mr. Govind whether he speaks Hindi.
4. You should ask him if he will let Balu drive his car.
5. Susila has just asked me whether he prefers coffee or tea.

Study the following.

1. Jagan asks, “What is the time?”
Jagan asked what the time was.

2. Mrs. Ram asks, “When do the shops open?”
Mrs. Ram asked when the shops opened.

3. Brutus asks, “Is it going to be fine?”
Brutus asked if it was going to be fine.

4. Babu asks, “Where is the toilet, Amla?”
Babu asked Amla where the toilet was.

5. Mrs. Lila asks, “Can you see my keys, Janu?”
Mrs. Lila asked Janu if she could see her keys.

6. Miss. Hema asks, “Will you be there tonight, Ram?”
Miss. Hema asked Ram if he would be there that night.

7. Freeman asks, “Do you like my new car, Susila?”
Freeman asked Susila whether she liked his new car.

8. Mr. Engineer asks, “Have you finished it, Mr. Vakil?”
Mr. Engineer asked Mr. Vakil whether he had finished it.

9. Clara asks, “Where did you go, Mrs. Ahamed?”
Clara asked Mrs. Ahamed where she had been.

10. Suresh asks, “What have you been watching Samu?”
Suresh asked Samu what he had been watching.

11. "Did you see Mrs. Wilson in the cinema yesterday, Talu?" asked his mother.
Talu's mother asked him if he had seen Mrs. Wilson in the cinema the day before.

12. "May I go to the cinema this evening?'' asked Balu.
Balu wanted to know if he might go to the cinema that evening.

Differences between Direct and Indirect Speech

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